Need to check your account balance from the road and don’t have access to a computer? Telephone banking let’s you access your account and perform some of the basic functions of online banking.

24-hour account line: 1-888-728-6466
Benefits include:

  • Check your balances on your savings, checking, loan or credit card balances.
  • Hear pending transactions. There is a difference between actual balance and available balance. Hear the transactions you’ve made that have not yet posted to your account.
  • Transfer money between your Centrue accounts under the same account number.
  • Transfer money to other Centrue accounts under different account numbers.
Your Centrue Bank accounts are as close as your phone with Telephone Banking (1-888-728-6466). Call from any touch tone phone and manage your accounts at any time.

To sign up for this free Telephone Banking (1-888-728-6466) service or request a PIN to be reset,

There is no monthly fee for Telephone Banking.